Bring on the readers

Bring on the readers.
It doesn’t quite work like that; finding readers is one of the hardest things to do. Unless you have a really good agent and publicist… that could make all the difference. But if you don’t, it’s depressingly hard.
It’s not just about writing a book anymore. That’s just a small part of it. People don’t just read your book and automatically tell all their friends (not even if they liked the book, I promise) If only that were true, I would love to have a bunch of promoters out there… any volunteers? No? Didn’t think so *grin*
There are several websites with tips out there, and they all make it sound so easy. But it’s not. Most writers are a little introverted, so it’s hard to connect.
I’m an extravert, but put me on a forum with a bunch of strangers and I have nothing interesting to say. It’s intimidating.
Marketing, promoting… it really sucks.
I just want to crawl into my little office and write stories. I’m willing to read (sometimes boring) essays on writing, notes on grammar etc. I beta read for other writers and I read to learn. But the marketing part feels a little like going to China and trying to converse in English.
My book is out there now, floating around in cyberspace, so I can’t put it off anymore. I need to put myself out there, or I will never be read.
I can’t complain, I’ve sold a few copies this first month. More than I expected with all the hiccups we’ve been having, and the fact that my book’s been offline more frequent than it has been online. I sold more than the 10 copies a month than I hear people complain about, but still… it doesn’t quite cover the costs. I still get depressed knowing EL James made 95 million in one year.
So, where to find readers? I need to go to forums… something that I hate to do. I like talking on facebook, but the problem is, there I talk to friends. I need to get in contact with strangers, but forums are difficult to master, and I feel like a bit of a turnip half the time. I struggle with twitter and google plus… *sigh*
Perhaps one day I will master the art of Forum smoozing. That will be a great day. And perhaps it will get me a big bunch of happy readers.


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