where am I now?

So where am I now? Still working on the last edit of my first Coyote novel. It is called ‘The Outlander’ and things are lining into place. We’ve had a few setbacks, and certain projects won’t be in time for the launch, which makes me a little sad, but what can you do? Allonsy, onwards and upwards… and all that lark.

The editing has been rough. I spent more time editing this story, than I did writing it, but it needed it. I want to put something on the market that I can be proud off. Whether people will love it or hate it, I know I’ve tried my best.

Writing has been treating me pretty good lately. I realised I haven’t received that many rejections in my life yet (though I believe my time is still to come for that) People have been genuinely interested in my Coyote project and even a couple Indie publishers have offered that I could submit my story to them, and they seemed quite interested. So that was a good ego boost for me. I’ve decided to keep it close to home and go with Tip my Hat publishing for now, because of the special project we’re working on. And I really have faith in giving it a try, because the strategy looks great.

I’ve been getting a lot of random compliments about my short stories lately. The funny thing is that I am so prepared for critique, I forgot there might be compliments too. I keep being caught off guard, and I’m not sure how to deal with compliments, other than to blush and burst out in spontaneous tears. Lol, I used to be a really tough person, I swear.

Besides writing I’ve been doodling again too. I might actually do a little more of that for the Coyote project. I am so eager for that to be finished, to bring it out into the world. Still keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that the release date will be July 1st, but I am not too sure it will be yet. We’ll see. Still plenty to do, so I best get on with it!

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